How to Register for Passport in India from Passport Seva Website.

Are you applying for new passport ? Do you have questions how to apply for passport on passport seva website, what documents do you need to apply for Passport seva website, how much time it takes to apply for passport etc.

We are compiling here all basic & important information which is required before you visit the Passport Seva centre.

Why apply for Passport from Passport Seva?

Passport seva is a transparent and official website of the Consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) division of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India! Where you can apply for your passport.

It takes hardly 10 minutes which save your time, it saves you from hookers and provide hassle free experience.

Why to have a Passport?

All Indians who are travelling to abroad must have passport issued by Indian Government  or a valid travel document or else you can not visit any countries.

Before Registering for passport on Passport Seva website you must have following documents:

You must have following documents:

  1. Age Proof: Birth Certificate, High School (class 10) certificate where Date of birth should be mentioned, etc.
  2. ID & Address Proof: Aadhar Card, Voter Id, Driving Licence, Gas Passbook, Bank Statement can be use as ID & Address proof
  3. Proof of nationality (to be verified by Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Officials from the supporting documents submitted).

After collecting these documents now It’s time to register yourself on Passport Seva website.

Please follow below steps to


Step 1:
You have to first visit the passport seva website :For fast log in use  URL –


passport-seva-registration-process 1


Step 2: 

Now if you have already registered on passport seva website please use log in id and continue or else click on

Register (New User)

For registration process.

Step 3:

Fill the all required details which must be 100% correct and match with your original documents, cause after registration there will be a verification process by passport seva official and police .

Now application form for registraton would be open:


No choose your passport office from list put your all details  and click on Register.

These are steps you need to follow for registration on Passport seva online portal.

After completing the registration process you will receive login id & passowrd to log in on passport seva website.


After successful registration you have to log  in with your log in Id and password to filling up and submitting online application form,scheduling an appointment and finally, the visiting a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK).


We ‘ll write into our next post how to filling up and submitting online application form, and scheduling an appointment through passport seva website.

Stay tuned!!

Do you have any questions post into comment.

Source: Passport Seva Website


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