Here are some tactics that will help you to do it:-

The SSC takes written examination for various posts in government offices and departments every year. These examinations consist of papers namely-

  1. English Language,
  2. Reasoning ability,
  3. English Comprehension
  4. Quantitative aptitude

The candidate needs to be very cautious regarding all these sections and they also need to complete the paper within the limited period of time. The English subject is being considered the most scoring subjects among all these. So, in this article, I would like to suggest you all some tips that will help you to score more and also to prepare yourself in English in a better way.

First-month preparation in English:-

The preparation for this language in the first month can be very elusive and one might find it being difficult to even think that from where to start. Hence, it becomes a pertinent factor to know better the syllabus beforehand for the candidates and study the type of questions that are going to be asked for a particular examination by SSC. You could find the question patterns in previous year question papers and mock drills that are available in various preparation guidebooks and websites dedicated to examination preparation. You should make a list of the probable items that they need to follow in the next couple of months and start preparing for the same.

Second month:-

The second month of preparation in the language is quite essential. It is the time when you have to undergo the main cores of the paper and make yourself comfortable with the language. You should develop a control over your Vocabulary: – The vocabulary could get developed by regular reading from various sources such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, the internet, journals and many others and finding new words and listing their meanings side by side.

Work on your grammar skills:- This can enhance the knowledge about sentence formation immensely. Just consider good books of grammar and practice more and more exercise from the following the book and don’t forget to learn time management.

Improve reading comprehensions- regular reading newspaper not only updates you but also help you to build up the vocabulary and also helps in solving the reading comprehensions.

Third month:-

The third month of the preparation in the language needs to be devoted to revision of items that you have learned so far. The list of words and their meaning that has been made by you should be pondered every day. You should also develop a habit of regular writing which can, in turn, help them formulate their sentence formation skills and understand the order of writing well. Along with revision, it is also required to develop confidence about the language and make sure that you answer properly at the examination without any fear of the language.