NDA Examinations, All You Need To Know about UPSC NDA Exam:


The National Defence Academy is the joint administration foundation of Indian military, where cadets for the three forces, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force prepare together before they go ahead to pre-commissioning   in their separate administration institutes. This is the world’s first tri-service academy.

What is NDA Exam?

National Defence Academy Examination ( NDA Examination) will be led by the Union Public Service Commission, for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA (National Defence Academy) for the 137th Course and for the 99th Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) commencing from 02nd January 2017.

The applicants Joining Indian Naval Academy would experience 4 years B.Tech course and would be given a chance to join Executive and Technical Branches of the Navy subject to accessibility of opportunities.

Who Conducts NDA Exam?

Admissions to the NDA are made through composed exam led by the UPSC which is trailed by broad meetings covering general fitness, mental testing, group building abilities alongside physical and social aptitudes and medicinal tests.

New sessions are held twice per year. On a normal around 3,20,000 candidates select for the composed exam consistently out of which 9000 are welcomed for the meetings. Applicants who wish to go to Air Force need to experience a Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT). A normal aggregate of around 300-350 understudies are acknowledged to the foundation every year amongst which 66 cadets are acknowledged for the Air Force, 39 for the Navy and 195 for the Army.

On effective consummation of the system cadets are sent to their individual preparing foundations for one year of preparing before conceding of commission: cadets for armed force go to IMA Dehradun, Naval cadets to INA Ezhimala, Kerala and Air Force cadets are sent to Dundigal, Hyderabad.

Decreases to commission are just acknowledged if there should arise an occurrence of a genuine perpetual medicinal condition brought on amid the project.

Qualification for NDA Examination :

For Army Wing of NDA (Nation Defence Acdemy) :

The applicant more likely than not passed class XII of the 10+2 example of School Education or proportionate examination led by a State Education Board or a University.

For Air Force and Naval Wings of NDA and for 10+2 (Executive Branch) Course at Naval Academy.

The applicant more likely than not passed class XII of the 10+2 example of School Education or proportionate exam led by a State Education Board or a University with material science and arithmetic as primary subjects.

Age for NDA Examination:

The applicant must be of 16-1/2 to 19 years old as on first January of the year the examination.

Who can apply for NDA Exam?

Applicants who are showing up in the 12th class under the 10+2 example of School Education or identical examination can likewise apply for this examination.

Those applicants who have yet to qualify in the twelfth class or identical examination and are permitted to show up in the UPSC examination ought to note this is just a unique concession given to them

They are required to submit evidence of passing the 12th class or identical exam by the recommended date and no solicitation for expanding this date will be entertained on the grounds recently lead of Board/University Examination, delay in announcement of results or some other ground at all.

Online Application form for NDA Examination:

UPSC publish the notification for NDA online form twice a year.

Candidates can apply online for NDA Exams by clicking here.

Selection Process of NDA:

Candidate has to gone through the various stage of selection process:

For definite capability, possibility for the Army/Navy and Naval Academy ought to secure least qualifying checks independently in

(i) Written examination and

(ii) Officer possibility test, and

Contender for the Air Force ought to secure the base qualifying checks independently in

  • Written examination
  • Officer probability test, and

(iii) Pilot Aptitude Test as settled by the Commission in their circumspection.

Qualified hopefuls are then put in conclusive request of legitimacy on the premise of aggregate imprints secured by them in the written examination, and the Services Selection Board Tests (SSB Interview)   in three separate records:

(i) Army and the Navy,

(ii) Air Force

(iii) Executive course at the Naval Academy.

The names of hopefuls who meet all requirements for all Services of NDA and the Naval Academy seeming all the three Merit Lists.

The last choice for affirmation will be made all together of legitimacy relying upon the quantity of opportunities in every wing.

The choice is subjected to medicinal wellness and suitability in all regards as said in the underneath table.

NOTE: A hopeful who comes up short in the Pilot Aptitude Test can’t have any significant bearing for admission to the National Defence Academy Examination, the Air Force wing or General Duties (Pilot) Branch or Navy, Air Force or Army.

When NDA Exam is conducted?

The NDA Examination conducted in twice a year in the month of April & September.

The examination held in month of April called NDA and NA Exam (I)

The NDA written examination conducted in month of September called NDA and NA Exam (II)

Date of Notification for NDA and NA Exam (I):  Every year in month of January 2016

NDA and NA Exam (II) Every year in month of July- Aug

NDA and NA Exam (I)- 2016

Date of Notification: 2nd January 2016

The Online Applications (Part I and II) can be filled from second January 2016 to 29th January 2016 till 11.59 p.m.

Last date for Payment of expense through Offline: 28th January 2016 by 23.59 hrs.

Last date for Payment of Fee through Online: 29th January 2016 by 23.59 hrs.

Click here to view complete Notification information

NDA Exam Pattern & Previous Year Question Papers

Click here to download NDA Exam Pattern & Question Paper for Mathematics

Click here to download NDA Exam Pattern & Question Paper for General Ability Test

Accessibility of e-Admit Cards for NDA examinatio : 3 Weeks before the initiation of Exam

Last date for accommodation of utilization: 29th January 2016

Date of NDA (I) Examination: 17 th April 2016

Composed Exam Results will be proclaimed in: July-August 2016

INAC initiating from: 02nd January 2017

SSB Interview for the applicants qualified in Written Exam will be held amid: July 2016 to Sept-Oct 2016

NDA Detailed Syllabus:

syllabus of NDA examination

PAPER-I Mathematics (Code No. 01) (Maximum Marks – 300)

1-Algebra 5-Differential Calculus
2-Matrices and Determinants 6-Integral Calculus and Differential equations
3-Trigonometry 7-Vector Algebra
4-Analytical Geometry of two and three dimensions 8-Statistics and Probability

Click here to download Previuos Paper I of Mathemetics for National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam (I), 2015

PAPER-II General Ability Test (Code No. 02) (Maximum Marks-600)

Part ‘A’ – English (Maximum Marks 200).

Part ‘B’ – General Knowledge (Maximum Marks-400)

Section ‘A’ (Physics)

Section ‘B’ (Chemistry)

Section ‘C’ (General Science)

Section ‘D’ (History, Freedom Movement etc.)

Section ‘E’ (Geography)

Section ‘F’ (Current Events)

Click here to download Previuos Paper II of General Ability Test for National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam (I), 2015

NOTE : Out of maximum marks assigned to part ‘B’ of this paper, questions on Sections ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’ will carry approximately 25%, 15%, 10%, 20%, 20% and 10% weightages respectively.

Intelligence and Personality Test

Not with standing the meeting the competitors will be put to Intelligence Tests both verbal and non-verbal, intended to evaluate their essential knowledge. They will likewise be put to Group Tests, for example, bunch discourses, bunch arranging, open air bunch assignments, and requested that give brief addresses on indicated subjects. Every one of these tests are planned to judge the mental bore of a competitor. In expansive terms, this is truly an appraisal of his scholarly qualities as well as his social characteristics and hobbies in current undertakings.

Medical Fitness for NDA Examination:

Rules for Physical Standards for Admission to the NDA:

Rules for physical models for admission to the national guard institute note: competitors must be physically and rationally fit by recommended physical norms. The rules for the same are given underneath. Various qualified applicants are dismisses therefore on therapeutic grounds. Applicants are thusly prompted to their greatest advantage to get themselves therapeutically analyzed before presenting their applications to evade dissatisfaction at the last stage.

Applicants are likewise encouraged to amend minor imperfections/afflictions so as to accelerate conclusion of restorative examination led at the Military Hospital subsequent to being suggested at the SSB.

The under specified afflictions are viewed as, normal minor sicknesses:

(a) Wax (Ears)

(b) Deviated Nasal Septum

(c) Hydrocele/Phimosis

(d) Overweight/Underweight

(e) Under measured Chest

(f) Piles

(g) Gynaecomastia

(h) Tonsillitis

(i) Varicocele

Non-military personnel applicants showing up for a wide range of commission in the Armed Forces will be qualified for out-patients treatment from administration sources at open cost for wounds managed or illnesses contracted over the span of their examination by the Selection Board.

They will likewise be qualified for in-patient treatment at open cost in the Officers’ ward of a doctor’s facility provided–

(a) The harm is supported amid the tests or,

(b) The sickness is contracted over the span of the examination by choice board and there is no suitable convenience in nearby affable doctor’s facility or it is impracticable to evacuate the patient to the common doctor’s facility; or,

(c) The restorative board requires the competitors’ confirmation for perception.

NOTE: They are not qualified for exceptional nursing. A competitor suggested by the Services Selection Board will experience a medicinal examination by a Board of Service Medical Officers. Just those applicants will be admitted to the institute who are proclaimed fit by the Medical Board. The procedures of the Medical Board are private and won’t be unveiled to anybody. However the hopefuls announced unfit will be suggested by the President of the Medical Board and the technique for solicitation for an Appeal Medical Board will likewise be insinuated to the competitor.

Applicants announced unfit amid Appeal Medical Board will be insinuated about the procurement of Review Medical Board.

(a) The applicant must be in great physical and psychological well-being and free from any ailment/handicap which is likely in meddles with the proficient execution of military obligations.

(b) There ought to be no confirmation of powerless constitution, substantial imperfections or underweight. The applicant ought not to be overweight.

(c) The base adequate tallness is 157.5 cms. (162.5 cms for Air Force) For Gorkhas and people having a place with slopes of North Eastern areas of India, Garhwal and Kumaon, the base adequate statures will be 5 cms less. If there should be an occurrence of applicants from Lakshadweep the base satisfactory tallness can be lessened by 2 cms Tallness and weight guidelines are given underneath:

Height/Weight Standards for Army/Air Force


Height in Centimeters (Without shoes)     Weight in Kgs.
16-17 years 17-18 years 18-19 years
152 42.5 44 45
155 43.5 45.5 47
157 45 47 48
160 46.5 48 49
162 48 50 51
165 50 52 53
167 51 53 54
170 52.5 55 56
173 54.5 57 58
175 56 59 60
178 58 61 62
180 60 63 64.5
183 62.5 65 66.5

Height/weight Standards For Navy


Height in Centimeters (Without shoes)     Weight in Kgs.
16-17 years 17-18 years 18-19 years
152 44 45 46
155 45 46 47
157 46 47 48
160 47 48 50
162 48 50 52
165 50 52 53
168 52 53 55
170 53 55 57
173 55 57 59
175 57 59 61
178 59 61 62
180 61 63 64
183 63 65 67

A ± 10% (A ± 6 Kg for Navy) departure from the average weight given in the table 1 above is to be considered within normal limit. However, in individuals with heavy bones and broad build as well as individuals with thin but otherwise healthy this may be relaxed to some extent on merit.

NOTE 1: Height relaxable upto 2.5 cm (5 cm. for Navy) may be allowed where the Medical Board certifies that the candidate is likely to grow and come up to the required standard on completion of his training.

NOTE 2 : To meet special requirement as a pilot in the Air Force the acceptable measurements of leg length, thigh length and sitting height will be as under :–

  Minimum Maximum
Leg Length 99.00cms. 120.00 cms.
Thigh Length 64.00 cms.
Sitting Height 81.50cms. 96. 00 cms.


On account of lower age of NDA candidates, a margin of upto 5.0 cm. in height, 2.5 cm. in leg length (minimum) and 1.0 cm. sitting height (minimum) may be given provided it is certified by the Medical Board that the candidate is likely to grow and come upto the required standard on completion of his training in NDA.

(d) Chest should be well developed. Fully expanded chest should not be less than 81 cms. The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cms. The measurement will be taken with a tape so adjusted that its lower edge should touch the nipple in front and the upper part of the tape should touch the lower angle of the shoulder blades behind. X-Ray of the chest is compulsory and will be taken to rule out any disease of the chest.

(e)There should be no mal-development or impairment of function of the bones or joint.

When Results of NDA Examination announce?

Apparently, the NDA exam results will be established at the end of the year that is most likely in December.

All the best for the candidates who have applied for NDA Exams 2016. Any questions please comment below will be happy to answer your questions.