Hello my dear friends, I hope you all enjoyed your 31st evening with your friends and family and welcome 2015 with lot of expectations and and new resolutions.

I also wish you all


Happy New Year 2015

May this year brings you lot of success, you would be able to achieve your goals, you may get your dream job and definitely you will achieve new milestones.

I would like to write about our resolutions which we make on 1st January each year and how we forget our new year resolution cause of this only we have not much achievements till 31st December. This is same story of most of us, I am also one of them.

First thing if we want to be succeed in any thing it is,

  • Consistency

If we won’t be consistent towards our Goal, targets, resolutions we will fail. So if we want that our resolutions exist in this new year we have to be Consistent for our target, either we are planning for Government jobs, New Business Plan, New job, relationships  or any thing we should do regular efforts towards it.

If you fail accept your failure, analyse why you failed, and start trying with double power, double passion, Don’t stop , Don’t stop Don’t stop and  Don’t stop !!!!!! Once you stopped trying you have been failed 70%.

For example: I started blogging in 2011, in starting I was very excited worked many hours for a week and month, I didn’t see much response I left blogging, my others friends who accepted failures they learnt many new things each time they failed, and now they are Professional Bloggers earns many thousands dollars monthly.

I failed in many things , I gave up, I didn’t try but who were started with me , they tried and tried again they are successful. So be Consistent my friends , keep trying, this the first password for your success. For me second most important thing to achieve your goals is ,

  • Time Management

This is most important thing we should focus on it, we should work on it, execute it, and follow strictly.

For example if you are preparing for an examination, you know your syllabus, you know in which subject you are good and on which you  need more efforts, then why don’t you work on the sections where you find problem.

Create time slot for each day, prioritize your tasks,  give maximum hours for your goal in 24 hours. You should work on your goal minimum 6 hours, no one can stop you to succeed.If you will follow above two things you are 80% done my friends!!!!

  • Other most important part is What you love to do ?

But who follows it ????? Me: ? , no!!! Most of you ??, No !!Then who follows it ?? Very few follow it and who follows they are 10% who get selections in their  examinations, they successful entrepreneurs, they are famous peoples in this world.

I know you know, every one know we should have a time plan, work plan, business plan, 80% peoples create plans, they followed strictly for how many days?? 4, 5 days , one week, one month and again forget that plan.

Why we do not follow our rules?? I believe,  Cause we do not love things for which we prepared a plan, if we love something to do we can do for 24 hours we won’t fed up. I tried many jobs, I left many good jobs, it seems very frustrating right? But I was not able to continue with these organisations or position cause I didn’t like their work culture or this job was none of my interests, so I quieted, Once I found  my interest I am one of the successful individuals, I am happily & easily making money, and trying to do something for this world , to bring some innovations.

So my friends be consistent , do whatever you love and do not waste your time, utilize it for your goal…..No resolution can help you to achieve something until unless your heart don’t accept it!!

I hope you would love this post, if any suggestions your feedback are welcome below in comments.

Happy NEW Year!!!!! Have an Awesome Year!!!!  Have a Successful Year!!!!